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Category: Great Guitar Stuff

You Can’t Play This!

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Two things you must practice to master pentatonics The two notes-per-string pentatonic shapes are amazing phrasing tools – and you can also use them for fast runs and sequences. But, there are two things you must learn if you want to utilize them fully. Most people aren’t aware of...

The Key to Alternate Picking Mastery

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Alternate picking seems like a very difficult technique to master, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow specific guidelines and use the right method of practicing, you will get results daily. In this video I will give you the most important insight into developing your alternate picking...

How to Play Fast Riffs

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Hi guys, Here’s another great video from Claus Levin. If you want to see more than just the below – check out his upcoming webinar! Most of us hit a wall of picking speed limitation when we try to play fast riffs. It seems we can’t play those down-strokes...

Guitar Screamers Explained

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In the following video Claus Levin explains all about guitar screamers. And just so you know – he has a great webinar with even more content. Sign up for his webinar now! In this video Claus Levin will show you how to use multiple string pinch harmonics to create...
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