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Two things for your ears

Two good things for your ears here

1. enhance your ear training,
2. to reduce the Ringing in your ears – Tinnitus! (see below rarely spoken about)

The learning journey of music is always a winding one as we find different influences and sounds that we are attracted to and endeavor to play re create or expand. My personal experience as a musician has taken me down many different paths…

Stairway to heaven solo slowed down on riffmaster pro

Please have a look at the video below. It shows a demo of our software slowing down the solo of “Stairway to Heaven”. This demonstrates how easy you can get your songs slowed down!

And below you can see a video of me playing the main solo at half the speed. You’ll hear the sound as it plays over Riffmaster Pro at that speed, while you see me playing the guitar along as practice.

Hopefully this will inspire you to do the same as well!

3 Easy Scales, 3 keys playing over a backing track for practice

What i find useful is changing the key of the backing track a few different times usingRiffmaster pro iphone app to give myself opportunities to play the scales in different positions on the guitar.
While I’m still playing the same scale shapes and same licks in different keys – the “sound” of the key can sometimes give me different ideas on the approach to the notes I play.

Firstly I’m using the Am Pentatonic, Am blues and A Dorian scales. These are all complementary scales and sounds when playing over the Am7 vamp. Useful scales…

iPad and iPhone Version 3 released with new features

hey folks.

As requested by many we have made some new additions into the latest version for Riffmaster pro for iphone and ipad.

Firstly a great addition is the dropbox access. This is great as we are no longer stuck to just accessing songs onto Riffmaster pro

via itunes on the device. Now we can set up multiple folders in dropbox and load up various audio files to access them in Riffmaster pro.
Watch the quick video below.

Riffmaster pro -How to slow down music on iPad Iphone

In the second update video we’ve added the ability to slow down…

Slowdown music on windows retain pitch – Riffmaster Pro windows version


in this video of how to use riffmaster pro software on your mac or Pc or iphone or ipad to slow down songs and retain the pitch .
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How To Slow Down Or Speed Up Your Songs

this video take us through the basics of loading a song, looping a section and slowing down a section and keeping the pitch – you can slow down a guitar solo and learn it note for note with riffmasterpro

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