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Slowing down a song and keeping the pitch – in Riffmaster pro Mac version

in this video of how to use riffmaster pro software on your mac or Pc or iphone or ipad to slow down songs and retain the pitch .
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How To Slow Down Or Speed Up Your Songs

Version 4 for Mac :
this video take us through the basics of loading a song, looping a section and slowing down a section and keeping the pitch – you can slow down a guitar solo and learn it note for note with riffmasterpro

Slow down music with…

Great Review on Riffmaster Pro from the team at Music Teachers Helper

Ed Pearlman over at  has done a great review of riffmaster pro.

Whatever your level of learning, it’s great to be able to slow down a recording to work with it.  RiffMaster Pro is a new bit of software out (as well as a smartphone app), which I’ve had the opportunity to explore and review for you.  I was impressed, and I suspect you and your students might be as well.

RiffMaster allows you to load a recording from your computer files or from a CD, and select any speed, up to 75% slower or faster, at which…

Paul Gilbert Master class tour

Paul Gilbert Master Class 6 date tour in Australia during October 2012.
Riffmaster Pro is a proud sponsor of the event along with Marshall, Ernie Ball, Ibanez and more.

Paul Gilbert is here to carryout for the first time a full Master Class tour in 6 states around Australia. Paul is known in the trade as being a high profile guitarist and clinician. Paul is currently recording his latest CD which will be released on the tour. To bring even more excitement to each clinic Paul has requested a local bass player and drummer support him on stage with some of…

iPad version new video

Whats been great about the new iPad version of Riffmaster Pro
is the total portability of being able to take your itunes library
anywhere and slow songs down that you are working on.

We have got singers learning lyrics by slowing down a song
and singing along at the same pitch and even people learning
languages by slowing down playback to make learning easier =)

Who’d of thunk it!

Another quick video with the iPad ( look out for the special guest appearance)

iOS 5 update for riffmaster pro

Quick up date regarding Apples iOS 5 UPDATE
For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Latest iPhone/iPad update now in the app store –
the update fixes the crashing issues in iOS 5

Part 2

For – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users If you still experience crashing on loading songs even after updating to iOS 5 and installing the new Riffmaster Pro update.

*Delete ALL the songs/tracks from the Riffmaster pro app library and re add them. This should resolve the crashing issue. most other issues can be resolved by Syncing your device to itunes and downloading the latest iOS update and restarting…

Inspiration for the weekend courtesy of Steve Vai

A bit of “re-inspiration” for the weekend. I had previously posted this on the TheGuitarMinute and I watched it again today as I’m fortunate enough to be going to one of Mr Vai’s master classes next month. ( I will post a note after seeing it)

The level of achievement that we have at anything is a reflection of how well we were able to focus on it.
The only thing that is holding you back is the way you are thinking.