hey folks.

As requested by many we have made some new additions into the latest version for Riffmaster pro for iphone and ipad.

Firstly a great addition is the dropbox access. This is great as we are no longer stuck to just accessing songs onto Riffmaster pro

via itunes on the device. Now we can set up multiple folders in dropbox and load up various audio files to access them in Riffmaster pro.
Watch the quick video below.

Riffmaster pro -How to slow down music on iPad Iphone

In the second update video we’ve added the ability to slow down the speed of any music track down to 25% of the original speed on the ipad and iphone

versions. ( Previously only 50%) check the video below


and in the last video update for this version 3 for mobile – we’ve added a new zooming feature. You can zoom in or out of the tracks timeline with a two finger geture on your iphone or ipad

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