What i find useful is changing the key of the backing track a few different times usingRiffmaster pro iphone app to give myself opportunities to play the scales in different positions on the guitar.
While I’m still playing the same scale shapes and same licks in different keys – the “sound” of the key can sometimes give me different ideas on the approach to the notes I play.

Firstly I’m using the Am Pentatonic, Am blues and A Dorian scales. These are all complementary scales and sounds when playing over the Am7 vamp. Useful scales for blues, rock, funks and fusion. After playing a while in the Am7 key – i’ll change the pitch of the backing track with Riffmaster Pro down 2 steps or semi tones so that then the backing track is now playing in Gm7. Play Gm Pentatonic, Gm blues and G Dorian scales. The finally changing the pitch up 2 steps from Am to Bm and then playing Bm Pentatonic, Bm blues and B Dorian scales.

Try it yourself and see if it sound or feels any different in each key, plus its just good practise to move these scale shapes around.

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