Two good things for your ears here

1. enhance your ear training,
2. to reduce the Ringing in your ears – Tinnitus! (see below rarely spoken about)

The learning journey of music is always a winding one as we find different influences and sounds that we are attracted to and endeavor to play re create or expand. My personal experience as a musician has taken me down many different paths to find “my sound”.
The sound I hear in my head.

My early influences where from the likes of Angus and Malcolm young of AC/DC to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. At the time I was learning their songs and techniques I did not realize I was training my ear, albeit crudely, by listening over and over again to their licks. 

Lately I’ve been using EarBeater iPhone app with students to help with ear training.
It’s a pretty nifty little tool with simple exercises up to more difficult ones and a
section to customize your own exercises – although I have yet to do that.

Check it out on the app store. (They have a free version if you want to try it out)

EarBeater is an ear training tool designed for people who wants to
become better musicians. You can train your musical ear in more
than 200 individual exercises covering intervals, chords and scales. 

EarBeater lets you create your own custom exercises and you can
keep track of your overall progress in these ear training categories:
– Interval size comparison
– Interval recognition
– Chord recognition
– Chord inversions
– Scale recognition


Ringing in my ears!
Please note the Tinnitus website is currently down.
We will inform everyone when we have confirmation it is back and running.

stop the ringing

If you have ever listen to loud music with head phones or
been to a loud concert or played a rehearsal or gig and
later experienced that “ringing” sound in your ears then
you have experienced tinnitus.

Can what you eat affect your hearing?

My career as a musician has exposed me to more than my
fair share of loud music and in my youth I was ignorant to
it and didn’t really care about the ringing in my ears.
It was not until I reached my 30’s and realized the ringing
was not going away. Oh No! if I was in a quite room at night
all I heard is this high pitched sound.  

If you don’t have tinnitus –great, continue to look after and protect your ears

If you have experienced this you know the annoyance of it.
And very few musicians talk about this.
Earlier this year I came across this book here on how to reduce
and rid myself of tinnitus – I can safely say I’ve implemented
many of the suggestions around health, lifestyle and environmental
elements to drastically reduce the ringing.
Will it cure? Hard to say and I’m working toward it.
If you got the ringing in the ears then its worth a look
Who’d of thought what you eat can affect your hearing?




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