We often struggle with going back and forth between two things and a good example of that is the ability to play riffs with fills in between. It seems difficult to shift from rhythm playing to soloing but the reason for that is very simple:

We don’t practice it.

We are focused on learning certain skills individually, but overlook the fact that putting those skills together is a specific and separate thing we need to practice and focus on.

This goes for combining sequences and licks as well as going from one rhythm to another. We also have the challenge when it comes to playing fast runs in combination with slower lines.

The way to annihilate this challenge is to be aware of the fact that integrating your skills is something you need to focus on consistently – and when you do, you will experience a shift in your overall skill level that is nothing short of amazing.

Watch as Claus demonstrates a simple practice method for integrating rhythm playing with single note lines.

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