Hi Guys,

Here’s another video from Claus Levin. Note that he has a great webinar at the end of the week – REGISTER NOW!.

If you enjoy playing guitar with distortion you also recognize the need for palm muting the strings. But, going from palm muting to not muting at all is also a necessary skill if you want the most out of your instrument.

In this brand new video Claus Levin will show you a simple practice method you can use to master going back and forth between effective palm muting and strings that ring out. It is by far the most effective way to learn this skill.

Use it for just 10 minutes a day and after thrity days you will have completely transformed your skills. By using this exercise continuously you will find yourself doing the right thing automatically when you play. Your new skill will sneak into your playing with no conscious effort on your part.

Watch the demonstration of this essential and effective exercise and get new results faster.

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