In the following video Claus Levin explains all about guitar screamers. And just so you know – he has a great webinar with even more content. Sign up for his webinar now!

In this video Claus Levin will show you how to use multiple string pinch harmonics to create fantastic changes in your sound. Once you have a great deal of control over when you mute your strings and not (Watch the previous video) you can introduce pinch harmonics to control the amount of overtones in your sound.

Pinch harmonics are not something you can learn without experimenting. You have to feel your way into mastering them because the difference between a harmonic and a muted string is one hundreds of a millimeter.

Having an effective practice method will greatly reduce the amount of effort and time you have to invest in order to get the result you are after and in this short session Claus will give you a perfect and easy practice routine you can use right away.

Take the next step towards being a master of riff playing. Watch the video now.

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