Hi guys,

Here’s another great video from Claus Levin. If you want to see more than just the below – check out his upcoming webinar!

Most of us hit a wall of picking speed limitation when we try to play fast riffs. It seems we can’t play those down-strokes fast enough no matter what we do. But, developing picking speed is not a mystery. There is actually a science to it.

When you start practicing your picking skills using methods that are based on the science of how your body and brain works, you will get results faster than anyone around you.

The method that most people use when trying to achieve fast picking skills is also the least effective. We try to solve a sophisticated problem using cave man strategies and it just doesn’t work. You must follow a simple but scientifically proven process of repeating the pattern you want to be able to play fast.

Errors are banned. Don’t make mistakes and don’t try to play fast. If you do you will fail and fail hard. Watch the video now and start using science to get fast results.

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