About Riffmaster Pro

The Riffmaster Pro Software is unlike anything else you’ve ever come across. Why? Because it was designed by a guitarist specifically for Musicians. By a musician for musicians not by some corporation trying to make a quick buck in the music market.(You’ve probably seen them trying to sell you poorer quality software for more money) Anyway back to the real thing

End the Hours of Frustration

Have you ever found yourself trying to work out a solo or a riff by ear, but the part you are trying to learn is just a little too fast?Are you sick of paying too much money for tab books that just aren’t quite right?Are you tired of scouring the net for a guitar tab that even resembles the song you want to play? (when 98% of the tabs on the net are just down right wrong?)Have you tried play/pause on the cd player only to end in frustration of not getting the guitar part right? I used to use a cassette player to attempt slowing down tempos. All that did was to make the guitar sound like it was being played underwater.Man I was ready to give up! It just seems like you’re not getting any better – like you’ve smacked right into a brick wall in the progress of your skills and techniques. Yeah – you know those Plateaus I’m talking about?Well hell I’m sick and tired of that too.

Riffmaster Pro is the answer to the frustration of learning the song you want to.

This is the answer. I used to say to myself “if only I had something to slow down guitar solos and still stay in pitch so I could pick it out slowly and then build up speed and nail those solos”Now Here it is

If I were you I’d be wondering is this a “Bunch of Hype”?

You’re absolutely right to ask that question. If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes how Riffmaster Pro has made my students better guitar players and the thousands of Riffmaster Pro owners I wouldn’t have believed it either. In other words I know how you feel.Don’t just take my word for it.

See for yourself what guitarists are saying about The RiffMaster Pro slow down music Software and watch the demo videos and then you decide!

Do you want to be a better musician?

Order Riffmaster Pro!

Heath Nicholson

Professional Session Guitarist, Teacher and Author.

Heath Nicholson - creator of Riffmaster Pro

My name is Heath,

I love playing and teaching guitar, Its my passion but I was fed up with the amount of misinformation about learning guitar on the internet and the tabs that where just down right incorrect.

So I created the Riffmaster Pro software so that anybody can load up any song they want to learn and slow it down to get pin point accuracy and learn the song faster and easier.