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Forget this and Fail!

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Hi guys, There is a sequence to mastery and if you forget to forget on all the parts of it you will invariably fail. In this video Claus will give you the number one reason why most people never develop beyond the intermediate level. What made you start playing...

Create Your Own Soloing Style

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Hi Guys, Another video by our partner Claus Levin! Sequences are the fabric of melody By creating your own unique sequences and practicing them to the point of mastery, you can design and create your own playing style based on your unique preferences. In this session Claus will show...

What True Improvisation Really Is

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Hi Guys, Here’s another video of Claus Levin – be sure to also download his free course from When are you really improvising and when are you just playing licks that you practiced beforehand? What is improvising really? Is it putting licks together spontaneously? Or is it the...

You Can’t Play This!

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Two things you must practice to master pentatonics The two notes-per-string pentatonic shapes are amazing phrasing tools – and you can also use them for fast runs and sequences. But, there are two things you must learn if you want to utilize them fully. Most people aren’t aware of...
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