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What our customers say

“Riffmaster Pro is a Gift to Musicians”
Curt Caldwell Testimonial on Riffmaster Pro
  1. Learn what YOU want, when YOU want, by who YOU want. If you Want Jimmy Page to slow his favorite licks so YOU can get it? How bout’ Beck, Clapton, Van Halen, Hendrix, Paisley, Gatton, etc. Any great guitar player. With this program, the mystery is gone and all secrets are now exposed.
  2. Economics: For about the same price as a quality guitar strap, this product is very affordable and certainly one of the most effective guitar instructional learning tools ever created.

— Curt Caldwell, Professional Guitarist

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Riffmaster Pro software is exactly what I was looking for – in short, exactly what I was looking for a long time. super tool for musicians.

Markus Maier

Riffmaster Pro software is the best learning aid for any musician. Without a doubt and especially for guitarists. It is superior to any other hardware or software designed to do the same thing

Robert Berman
Above are only a few examples of what our customers say, please check out a whole bunch more at our testimonials page!

Results may vary – Improvement on any instrument is subject to Practice, Focus and Determination – using Riffmaster pro will aid you on your path to musical greatness.
Regular practice on your instrument with the aid of software like this will help you to achieve your goals