Free super bonus pack with your purchase of Riffmaster Pro!

The Riffmaster Pro Software is unlike anything else you’ve ever come across. Why? Because it was designed by a guitarist specifically for Musicians.
It’s really a fantastic product, but to make it even greater for you – we’re giving you everything below as well!

Description Value
tune_guitar_sm How to Tune Your Guitar e-book $19.95
How-to-read-music How to Read Music E-Book $19.95
buying-the-right-guitar Report: Buying The right Guitar For You $19.95
Report : Warning , What to look out for when buying a guitar online $29.95
backing-tracks-pt1 QUICK Start ROCK JAM TRACKS
FREE mp3 Backing tracks! Volume 1 & Volume 2
I made some of them with my full band and I could sell them.
You can steal these from me so you can use them with the RMP to play along, just as my private students do.
backing-tracks-pt2 Volume I
Track 1: Am Blues
Track 2: G Blues Straight feel
Track3: Am Miles Davis Style
Track 4: D rolling riff
Track 5: Gmaj Swing Jazz
Volume II
Track 1: D Dirty Groove
Track 2: Hendrix Style
Track3: Chicago Blues
Track 4: Clapton Style
Track 5: Full Band Track
15chords The 15 Essential Chords
E-book for beginner Guitarists.
The essential chords to get anyone started on the Guitar FAST!
tab_sheets Printable TAB Sheets
For writing down the awesome new riffs and licks you discover
chord_boxes Printable Chord Grids
For plotting new shapes
gtr_necks Printable Fret board Templates
For plottingscales and riffs
sucess_log Printable Guitar Success chart
For you to measure your progress
warm-up Killer Warm up exercises chart
To get your fingers flying
Total value $268.45

So now there’s only one question left to answer…. Do you want to be a better musician?

Yes? Then go ahead and order Riffmaster Pro now!

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