How to slow down music with Riffmaster Pro for iOS

Riffmaster Pro lets you slow down any song on your iPhone or iPad, so you learn it note-for-note. This easy to use application will have you playing or singing your favorite songs fast! Change the pitch and tempo or keep them the same.
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You’ve been trying to learn Stairway to Heaven for years but can’t quite get it perfect. Dreams of being a really good guitarist include being able to play it as good as Jimmy Page did, so it’s frustrating that so much has time has passed and you still don’t have it down.All you need is a little help and you’ll be mastering any song you like. Learn to play any instrument or sing any song, with the help of Riffmaster Pro on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The application is very easy to use, yet remarkably versatile.

What can I do with Riffmaster Pro?

Riffmaster Pro lets you slow down any song that you have on your iOS device. The pitch won’t change, so all you have to do is take it note-by-note to learn your favorite tunes. Didn’t get it the first time? No worries, just loop, play it again or return to those pesky parts that are giving you problems.This software is perfect for pros and budding musicians alike. It’s ideal for band rehearsals, or for practicing guitar, drums, violin, bass, vocals or keyboard super stardom.Need to do a song in a different key? Again, no problem! Go ahead and change the key to one that’s right for you. The tempo stays the same, so you’ll still learn the tune you love to play or sing in record time and in the range that best suits your talents.It’s all so simple and portable. Take it to rehearsal, a gig, music lessons, or your garage band jam session. Riffmaster Pro travels everywhere you do, so you’ll always have it at the ready when you need it.In the middle of mastering a new song but haven’t finished? Just save and store your songs and settings in the Media Library then return to works in progress when you have more time. The Riffmaster Pro remembers where you left off and takes you right back there to pick it up again.Riff Master Pro also lets you create your own note on the wave window and mark on parts of the song you are working on. This will help you learn even faster because you’ll be able to take down your own notes and at the same time, see this information on your screen while playing your instrument.

Are there any limitations to the software?

Yes, you can only slow down songs that you really own. When you stream music from a service like Spotify or Apple Music you don’t actually own it and the service protects the tracks so other apps like ours can not access them. So no app can manipulate those tracks. Otherwise you’d also be able to download the tracks to other devices and with a streaming service you only pay for the right to listen to a track.

How can I download the software?

Just head over to iTunes and you’ll be able to download the software immediately.
Features, FAQs and Download


  • Super easy to use interface for amateur and professional musicians
  • Learn any song fast
  • Slows down any song while retaining pitch
  • Option to change the pitch and keep the same tempo
  • Master any guitar solo, lick or Riff note for note
  • Discover and experience the magic of “Playing by Ear”
  • Build and maintain amazing speed of any solo or Riff
  • Easily master difficult phrasing
  • Saves your place in a song
  • Make notes on wave windows
  • Learn the lyrics of any song quickly
  • Perfect aid for transcribing music on the go
Please note that Riffmaster Pro will not play DRM protected tracks. You need to really own a song that you’d like to slow down. Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music only let you listen to the songs, but you can’t slow down the songs from services like that!

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