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We’ve got some exciting news! You can now win yourself a free custom guitar – handmade by Dennis Zager from Zager Guitar!!

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For those of you who don’t know – Who’s Dennis Zager?
Dennis Zager is part of the legendary recording duo “Zager & Evans” who wrote In The Year 2525,” the #1 song of 1969 and the…

Practice Like You Play Video Games

Hi guys,

Here’s another great analogy by Claus Levin – practice playing guitar like you play video games!

You can learn how to get massive practice results in very little time by studying how video games are made. They all aim to get us addicted to playing them by setting them up so they work our psychology in just the right way.

There is a reason for why every game has levels to reach and challenges that increases in complexity as you get better. The reason why we respond to it is because it reminds us of the world we live in.


Forget this and Fail!

Hi guys,

There is a sequence to mastery and if you forget to forget on all the parts of it you will invariably fail. In this video Claus will give you the number one reason why most people never develop beyond the intermediate level.

What made you start playing guitar is the same thing that is going to get you all the way to mastery. But 99% of us forget about this amazing force that drives us and makes everything happen.

When you create rituals that guarantee that you won’t forget this crucial part of developing your skills, you will develop many…

Why you can’t play what’s in your head

Hi guys,

The ability to talk comes from mastering the language you speak. You don’t always prepare what to say before you say it, you just say it. You give expression to whatever is in you with zero preparation.

That’s exactly what you do when you improvise a solo. But if you don’t master the language of soloing you are going to have a very hard time “speaking” in real time. Instant expression demands absolute mastery.

The feeling that you can’t play what you want to is just like the feeling of searching your inner vocabulary for the word you need…

How to be 100% confident on stage

Hi guys

Here’s another great video by Claus Levin. Stay tuned for more videos coming up soon.

You have to perform and you have to do it well. Your palms are sweaty and your muscles tense up. The more nervous you get the less you feel able to play well and that makes you even more nervous.

You need a way to calm yourself down and get completely confident that you can do the job. In this video Claus will give you a quick method that allows you to kill your fear, have fun on stage and perform confidently.

It’s all about how…

Create Your Own Soloing Style

Hi Guys,

Another video by our partner Claus Levin!

Sequences are the fabric of melody

By creating your own unique sequences and practicing them to the point of mastery, you can design and create your own playing style based on your unique preferences.

In this session Claus will show you a simple system that you can use to create sequences. It’s easy and fast so don’t miss this core lesson in improvisation. It could change the way you solo completely.

He will also give you a simple practice method that will show you how to use what you have created to form melodic lines…

Create Lines on the Spot – The Fabric of Melody

Hi guys,

Here’s another video of master guitar player Claus Levin.

In this video you will discover how to learn to “speak” music. Notes are like letters of the alphabet and words are like sequences of notes.

We use notes to form sequences and sequences form lines, licks and melodies. Just like letters form words that then again form sentences which become stories.

Confused? You won’t be after watching this video.

Sequences are the smallest building blocks of improvisation and when you combine them with rhythm and phrasing you have access to an inexhaustible resource of new ideas.

With these insights you can become…

What True Improvisation Really Is

Hi Guys,

Here’s another video of Claus Levin – be sure to also download his free course from

When are you really improvising and when are you just playing licks that you practiced beforehand?

What is improvising really? Is it putting licks together spontaneously? Or is it the actual ability to create licks, runs and melodic lines on the spot?

You can’t learn to improvise if you don’t know exactly what improvisation is and in this video Claus Levin will give you an accurate explanation and show you how you can begin to truly improvise.

The coming two videos will give you…

Using Two Scales at the Same Time

If you are only using one scale at a time when you solo, you are missing out. Using multiple scales simultaneously is the key to creating maximum variety in your solos.

In this video Claus will show you how to combine the pentatonic and the diatonic scale in two different ways. This will allow you to play over any chord progression in the style of rock, metal or pop.

He will also give you a one minute trick to expanding your blues scale. This will enable you to create three-notes-per-string shapes without learning any new fretboard patterns. It works and instantly….

You Can’t Play This!

Two things you must practice to master pentatonics

The two notes-per-string pentatonic shapes are amazing phrasing tools – and you can also use them for fast runs and sequences.

But, there are two things you must learn if you want to utilize them fully. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that there are simple things they cannot do in these shapes and so their playing suffer.

In this video Claus will give you two insights that is going to change the way you use these shapes and he will also provide you with a couple of exercises that…

What’s the Correct Left Hand Position?

Discover the two ways of positioning your left hand and what benefits there are to both of them.

There isn’t a “correct” position, but there are two basic ways in which you can hold your fretting hand that will make playing fast and playing melodic much easier.

You must master both and in this video Claus will show you how. The position that is most alien to you will be the one you need to work the most on. Use the simple practice method described in this video.

For the coming four weeks, be very conscious about how you hold your…

The Key to Alternate Picking Mastery

Alternate picking seems like a very difficult technique to master, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow specific guidelines and use the right method of practicing, you will get results daily.

In this video I will give you the most important insight into developing your alternate picking skills to the highest level. When you start using it your results will change and fast. I guarantee it.

Where you put your focus is crucial to what you learn and how fast you learn it. Your conscious focus can only be directed at one thing at a time and you must…

Become a True Master of Sweep Picking

Sweep picking isn’t about sweeping – it’s about picking. The name of this technique leads us to believe that we should sweep across the strings and then learn to synchronize our left hand with our right.

If this is your focus you will fail miserably. Developing great sweep picking skills is a matter of mastering multiple pick strokes going in the same direction and there is a specific technique to doing this.

In this video Claus will show you exactly how to practice this so you can start to get big results fast. Try this method for at least 30 days…

Extreme Guitar Speed – How to Practice Legato

Hi Guys,

Here’s another helpful video by Claus Levin ( where he will show you how to practice legato.

Learn to master hammer-ons and pull-offs in record time

The movements you make with you fretting hand fingers when you play with a pick looks and feels a lot like doing hammer-ons and pull-offs and this is the main reason why most people don’t master this technique to its fullest.

In order to achieve a scary level of skill in this area you must make sure that you use the right method of practicing and that you perform this technique in the most…

How to Play Fast Riffs

Hi guys,

Here’s another great video from Claus Levin. If you want to see more than just the below – check out his upcoming webinar!

Most of us hit a wall of picking speed limitation when we try to play fast riffs. It seems we can’t play those down-strokes fast enough no matter what we do. But, developing picking speed is not a mystery. There is actually a science to it.

When you start practicing your picking skills using methods that are based on the science of how your body and brain works, you will get results faster than…

Guitar Screamers Explained

In the following video Claus Levin explains all about guitar screamers. And just so you know – he has a great webinar with even more content. Sign up for his webinar now!

In this video Claus Levin will show you how to use multiple string pinch harmonics to create fantastic changes in your sound. Once you have a great deal of control over when you mute your strings and not (Watch the previous video) you can introduce pinch harmonics to control the amount of overtones in your sound.

Pinch harmonics are not something you can learn without experimenting. You…

Control your sound! Effective practice method!

Hi Guys,

Here’s another video from Claus Levin. Note that he has a great webinar at the end of the week – REGISTER NOW!.

If you enjoy playing guitar with distortion you also recognize the need for palm muting the strings. But, going from palm muting to not muting at all is also a necessary skill if you want the most out of your instrument.

In this brand new video Claus Levin will show you a simple practice method you can use to master going back and forth between effective palm muting and strings that ring out. It is by…

Why guitar speed is hard and what to do about it

Here’s another great helpful post and video from Claus Levin.

Not knowing how to build speed is the most common barrier to building speed. But before that lies another obstacle in your way: Not accessing the challenge correctly.

We simply do not know what lies ahead of us when we embark on our speed building journey and we have no concept of the challenges we are going to face.

Getting really clear on what it takes and how you do it, is the first necessary step to achieving great technical skills on your instrument.

In this video I will explain to you what…

Learn Solos Ultra Fast!

Hi guys,

Here’s another post from Claus Levin!

I have found that there is a specific and systematic way of going about learning any solo that will give you results far faster than anyone around you.

This method is based on how the brain builds muscular patterns and retains information. It will not only give super fast results, you will also end up being much better at playing the actual solo.

The most intuitive natural way of approaching learning something like a long string of notes is also the most inefficient. Your cave man brain will not deliver when faced with something as…

You have to make this shift in 2018!

You will be the eternal intermediate if you fail to go from practicing songs and solos, to practicing skills.

When we start out, learning new songs give us the satisfaction of being able to play something that sounds like real music, but if we keep following this path, we will fail miserably.

Most people stay at a beginner / intermediate level all their lives. Not because they don’t want more but because they never make the important shift.

It’s like staying in the first gear when driving a stick shift car: You will never move ahead rapidly enough to get to…

This determines if you are a professional or not

There is one thing above anything else that sets you apart from the amateurs. It’s not picking speed, not how many chords you know or anything like that.

It’s a fundamental skill that most people overlook. It’s 50 % of music, but only 10% of practice. When you master this skill you will instantly sound like a total pro even if all you are playing is just one chord.

Most guitar players have a weak link in the chain of skills. Something that they aren’t sufficiently good at. One skill that holds all other skills back and sets the height of…

Play riffs like a pro now!

You will never reach the highest level of playing if you don’t practice it and practice it now.

Most people practice the simple and easier things hoping that this will someday take them to the peak of what they can do. It never does.

The only way to reach the top level is to go for it now. Don’t wait. Decide to play your favorite riff like the best in the world, now, now, now.

When you make this decision you will start to practice very differently. Instead of settling for the ability to play the riff, you don’t stop. You…

How to Play Riffs and Fills by Claus Levin

We often struggle with going back and forth between two things and a good example of that is the ability to play riffs with fills in between. It seems difficult to shift from rhythm playing to soloing but the reason for that is very simple:

We don’t practice it.

We are focused on learning certain skills individually, but overlook the fact that putting those skills together is a specific and separate thing we need to practice and focus on.

This goes for combining sequences and licks as well as going from one rhythm to another. We also have the challenge when it…

How to Practice 5 Hours a Day!

Did you know that the average US citizen spends over five hours watching TV every day? That’s 77 days a year or over 2 1/2 months of nothing but practicing every waking hour!

You might spend a little less than that, but just imagine if you could watch TV AND practice at the same time without losing time with your family or for relaxation.

If you spend the limited practice time you have by yourself by preparing for TV practice, you can build world class skills in your living room, while being entertained and talking with your friends and family.


How to Practice and Learn Nothing

Here’s another great video by master guitar wizard Claus Levin.

The most intuitive way of going about learning something new is also the most inefficient.

The design of your brain is at least 200.000 years old and it’s built for hunting wild animals with a spear, not for learning something as delicate as playing a guitar.

That’s why most people use caveman strategies to go about getting better on their instrument. This is not for you though. You need to upgrade your brain and get ten times the results in the same amount of time.

This is the true source of talent: Doing…

The science of getting better faster

This is the first in a series of videos that will make you much better faster. Claus Levin has 30 years of insights and experience into the science of fast guitar results so he is worth listening to.

In this video:

The power of focus will absolutely change the way you practice and increase the results you get many times. Try this simple method of practicing and I promise you, you will get results like never before.

The power of focus

What Style of Learning is Best for Playing Guitar?

Hey guys, this is James from Riffmaster Pro back with another weekly guitar tip.

Today I’m going to look at different approaches to learning.

With so many different products out there, all promising to teach you how to play guitar, how do you go about finding one that works to get you results?

It’s said that people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, 50% of what they see and hear, 70% of what they say and write and 90% of what they do.

(There’s also one…

Invitation to the GuitarWank roadshow in Hollywood!

We’re pleased to invite you to the GuitarWank roadshow in Hollywood next month! Below is the official press release from Ben Scholz.

Ben Scholz
Cell: 940.206.8045
Office: 503-297-6949


“GuitarWank Roadshow”
Live podcast taping featuring performances by Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson.
Thursday September 1st 2016, 1pm at
Musicians Institute Concert Hall
Free with event RSVP
Musicians Institute
Concert Hall
6752 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028


Los Angeles, CA – Announcing a live podcasting event sponsored by “Guitar Wank Podcast” and Musicians Institute.

“GuitarWank” is the off-center brainchild of guitarist and host Troy MacCubbin.  Recorded weekly at Prohibition Studios in North Hollywood CA Troy, along with guitar legends Bruce Forman and Scott Henderson…

Slow down your music on iOS 10!

Apple has recently released the beta for iOS 10! The official release will follow in the Autumn of 2016.

We’re in the process of testing our software to see if it’s still compatible with this latest release. If you’d like to help out in this process then please drop us a mail at

In any case we’re going to make sure you’ll be able to slow down your music on your iPhone and iPad on iOS 10 with Riffmaster Pro as well!

Slow down your music on Mac OS Sierra

Apple has recently released the beta for Macintosh OS Sierra. This is the successor of el Capitan and it is packed with new features.

We’re in the process of testing our software to see if it’s still compatible with this latest release. If you’d like to help out in this process then please drop us a mail at

In any case we’re going to make sure you’ll be able to slow down your music on Mac OS Sierra with Riffmaster Pro as well!

We got a winner for the @GuitarWank podcast!

Some time ago we partnered up with the @GuitarWank podcast (read more about that here). It’s a great listen by monster guitar players Scott Henderson and Bruce Forman and hosted by Troy MacCubbin.

In April the guys at GuitarWank launched a competition and the winners could win some awesome guitar prizes. And one of the top prizes was a free license of our very own software! Anyone who bought a GuitarWank mug or t-shirt could send in a photo with it to make a chance of winning.
Needless to say a lot of creative entries made…

Riffmaster Pro on the GuitarWank podcast!

We recently partnered up with the awesome GuitarWank podcast and we are very honored that this is happening.

For those of you who don’t know this yet – the GuitarWank crew consists of some awesome, badass, monster guitar players and not only are they skilled – they’re also funny and insightful. Their podcast is great to listen to and very interesting.

It’s by Bruce Forman, Scott Henderson and hosted by Troy MacCubbin and you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or Stircher.

Below is the podcast that…

Two things for your ears

Two good things for your ears here

1. enhance your ear training,
2. to reduce the Ringing in your ears – Tinnitus! (see below rarely spoken about)

The learning journey of music is always a winding one as we find different influences and sounds that we are attracted to and endeavor to play re create or expand. My personal experience as a musician has taken me down many different paths…

Stairway to heaven solo slowed down on riffmaster pro

Please have a look at the video below. It shows a demo of our software slowing down the solo of “Stairway to Heaven”. This demonstrates how easy you can get your songs slowed down!

And below you can see a video of me playing the main solo at half the speed. You’ll hear the sound as it plays over Riffmaster Pro at that speed, while you see me playing the guitar along as practice.

Hopefully this will inspire you to do the same as well!

iPad and iPhone Version 3 released with new features

hey folks.

As requested by many we have made some new additions into the latest version for Riffmaster pro for iphone and ipad.

Firstly a great addition is the dropbox access. This is great as we are no longer stuck to just accessing songs onto Riffmaster pro

via itunes on the device. Now we can set up multiple folders in dropbox and load up various audio files to access them in Riffmaster pro.
Watch the quick video below.

Riffmaster pro -How to slow down music on iPad Iphone

In the second update video we’ve added the ability to slow down…