What’s the Correct Left Hand Position?

Discover the two ways of positioning your left hand and what benefits there are to both of them.

There isn’t a “correct” position, but there are two basic ways in which you can hold your fretting hand that will make playing fast and playing melodic much easier.

You must master both and in this video Claus will show you how. The position that is most alien to you will be the one you need to work the most on. Use the simple practice method described in this video.

For the coming four weeks, be very conscious about how you hold your…

The Key to Alternate Picking Mastery

Alternate picking seems like a very difficult technique to master, but it doesn’t have to be. If you follow specific guidelines and use the right method of practicing, you will get results daily.

In this video I will give you the most important insight into developing your alternate picking skills to the highest level. When you start using it your results will change and fast. I guarantee it.

Where you put your focus is crucial to what you learn and how fast you learn it. Your conscious focus can only be directed at one thing at a time and you must…

Become a True Master of Sweep Picking

Sweep picking isn’t about sweeping – it’s about picking. The name of this technique leads us to believe that we should sweep across the strings and then learn to synchronize our left hand with our right.

If this is your focus you will fail miserably. Developing great sweep picking skills is a matter of mastering multiple pick strokes going in the same direction and there is a specific technique to doing this.

In this video Claus will show you exactly how to practice this so you can start to get big results fast. Try this method for at least 30 days…

Extreme Guitar Speed – How to Practice Legato

Hi Guys,

Here’s another helpful video by Claus Levin ( where he will show you how to practice legato.

Learn to master hammer-ons and pull-offs in record time

The movements you make with you fretting hand fingers when you play with a pick looks and feels a lot like doing hammer-ons and pull-offs and this is the main reason why most people don’t master this technique to its fullest.

In order to achieve a scary level of skill in this area you must make sure that you use the right method of practicing and that you perform this technique in the most…

How to Play Fast Riffs

Hi guys,

Here’s another great video from Claus Levin. If you want to see more than just the below – check out his upcoming webinar!

Most of us hit a wall of picking speed limitation when we try to play fast riffs. It seems we can’t play those down-strokes fast enough no matter what we do. But, developing picking speed is not a mystery. There is actually a science to it.

When you start practicing your picking skills using methods that are based on the science of how your body and brain works, you will get results faster than…

Guitar Screamers Explained

In the following video Claus Levin explains all about guitar screamers. And just so you know – he has a great webinar with even more content. Sign up for his webinar now!

In this video Claus Levin will show you how to use multiple string pinch harmonics to create fantastic changes in your sound. Once you have a great deal of control over when you mute your strings and not (Watch the previous video) you can introduce pinch harmonics to control the amount of overtones in your sound.

Pinch harmonics are not something you can learn without experimenting. You…

Control your sound! Effective practice method!

Hi Guys,

Here’s another video from Claus Levin. Note that he has a great webinar at the end of the week – REGISTER NOW!.

If you enjoy playing guitar with distortion you also recognize the need for palm muting the strings. But, going from palm muting to not muting at all is also a necessary skill if you want the most out of your instrument.

In this brand new video Claus Levin will show you a simple practice method you can use to master going back and forth between effective palm muting and strings that ring out. It is by…

Why guitar speed is hard and what to do about it

Here’s another great helpful post and video from Claus Levin.

Not knowing how to build speed is the most common barrier to building speed. But before that lies another obstacle in your way: Not accessing the challenge correctly.

We simply do not know what lies ahead of us when we embark on our speed building journey and we have no concept of the challenges we are going to face.

Getting really clear on what it takes and how you do it, is the first necessary step to achieving great technical skills on your instrument.

In this video I will explain to you what…

Learn Solos Ultra Fast!

Hi guys,

Here’s another post from Claus Levin!

I have found that there is a specific and systematic way of going about learning any solo that will give you results far faster than anyone around you.

This method is based on how the brain builds muscular patterns and retains information. It will not only give super fast results, you will also end up being much better at playing the actual solo.

The most intuitive natural way of approaching learning something like a long string of notes is also the most inefficient. Your cave man brain will not deliver when faced with something as…

You have to make this shift in 2018!

You will be the eternal intermediate if you fail to go from practicing songs and solos, to practicing skills.

When we start out, learning new songs give us the satisfaction of being able to play something that sounds like real music, but if we keep following this path, we will fail miserably.

Most people stay at a beginner / intermediate level all their lives. Not because they don’t want more but because they never make the important shift.

It’s like staying in the first gear when driving a stick shift car: You will never move ahead rapidly enough to get to…