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You will be able to use all of Riffmaster Pro’s features for a full ten days for free. Just install on your computer, open the app and click the “Try Demo” button when Riffmaster Pro starts up.

Windows 4.1

All versions

Mac 4.3.2

El Capitan or Sierra

Mac 4.2.1

Older Mac OS X versions


Windows Users, please make sure your system has the latest updates and visit the installation page if you have trouble installing the software.
Mac Users, please make sure to download the version that’s right for your operating system. If you have a newer Mac then you’ll be on el Capitan or Sierra. You can find out which operating your Mac is running via this Apple page.

If have any questions you can contact The Riffmaster Pro Team by emailing

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Videos and Frequently Asked Questions


You can see full video tutorials on how to use all the functions of RMP at

Frequently Asked Questions

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