“Riffmaster Pro is a Gift to Musicians”
Curt Caldwell Testimonial on Riffmaster Pro
  1. Learn what YOU want, when YOU want, by who YOU want. If you Want Jimmy Page to slow his favorite licks so YOU can get it? How bout’ Beck, Clapton, Van Halen, Hendrix, Paisley, Gatton, etc. Any great guitar player. With this program, the mystery is gone and all secrets are now exposed.
  2. Economics: For about the same price as a quality guitar strap, this product is very affordable and certainly one of the most effective guitar instructional learning tools ever created.

— Curt Caldwell, Professional Guitarist

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Riffmaster Pro software is exactly what I was looking for – in short, exactly what I was looking for a long time. super tool for musicians.

Markus Maier

Riffmaster Pro software is the best learning aid for any musician. Without a doubt and especially for guitarists. It is superior to any other hardware or software designed to do the same thing

Robert Berman

Wow — the software is amazing. Can’t wait to start jamming!


I love your program by the way…it’s been incredibly helpful in identifying those hard to hear notes.

I’ve also been using it to transcribe music from a project I’ve been working on with our band in Canada.Take care…and thanks again.

Dear RiffmasterPro team Just a quick note to say that I am enjoying the software very much. It’s easy to use and does exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for the good work.

I am already convinced to buy Riffmaster

as I have already learned 2 solos which I thought I had down already and your software showed me what I had missed at regular speed. I have used other audio editors but found the process to be more complicated and time consuming. Riffmaster only took minutes to install and I was learning solos in minutes… It’s great software and I’ve told other guitar players about it and they liked the idea too.Thanks,
Ron Melanson

I will be using it for a long time to come

First off I would like to say thanks for this wonderful product. I have really been enjoying it! Being able to slow songs down without changing the pitch is helping me get the different riffs that I knew all connected together. I looked into several programs that offer this kind of thing and your program seemed to be the most complete and well done. I am really happy with it and I know that I will be using it for a long time to come. Thanks again,
David Johnson

Love your software. I’ve never been able to hear and practice complicated guitar solos like I can with Riffmaster.

Our drummer saw what it can do for guitar, and now he is planning to order his own version.

Thanks for all your assistance,
Mike Madigan

Tried all the programs

Riffmaster Pro is 1000’s times better than Song Surgeon
Daniel K.

This new version is awesome!

The new UI is a thing of beauty, and it makes Riffmaster Pro SO MUCH easier to use. I especially appreciate the ease with which the window can be resized and the new simplicity of defining and adjusting loops. Also, importing and adding songs is much more intuitive.
Doug Shick

I’ve solved some musical mysteries that have been dogging me for decades

I’ve had RMP3 for four days now, and I’ve solved some musical mysteries that have been dogging me for decades. The first couple of days using this tool was worth the purchase price. Music is code, and the RMP3 is a forensic tool, that has allowed me to crack it.The loop, pitch and speed functions are intuitive and have never left me scratching my head. I used to think my ear-training was top-notch, I’ve been humbled.
Russ – Denver, CO

RiffMaster Pro Is Saving My Ass

Hey Heath, I just joined a new band here in dayton ohio and the riffmasterPro is saving my ass, i have 40 songs to learn in the next few days and as of right now i have only ten to go Thanks Heath……
Dave Biggs

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